Gloria Van Dusen

Gloria Van DusenBackground: Gloria Van Dusen was born in Orlando Florida and is proud to be native to Florida! A third generation artist in her family, Gloria has always had a vast interest in the arts. She started out in art school studying ceramics but would end up changing to Interior Design. After much consideration, Gloria felt this would be a great career and offer a great use of her artistic ability and be of great benefit to making a difference in people's lives. The offer was too good to pass up and so it was off to design school. After obtaining her degree in Interior Design Technology, she would embark upon a lifelong dream of creating art and changing the way people use space in their homes and the way they feel in their work environments. As owner of Envi by Design she helps clients find original design concepts and harmony as it relates to their particular spaces.

My philosophy on design is: The spaces I design are usually sharp with detail as to appreciate void areas and have the right objects to enhance that particular space. I pay a lot of attention to the architectural elements inside and out wanting to integrate both. I also tend to emphasize finding fine art and objects that reflect the client's personal style. I really care about the people who use that space and what joy they will get walking into it. I don't like clutter and usually try to use objects sparingly as to not overwhelm the space. I also feel an enormous responsibly to the environment, using green products when possible is something I consciously try for. "Reduce, reuse, recycle," is my motto. We all have a responsibly to the environment and especially us as designers. To not just wipe the slate clean and start over, but rather to think about what we throw out and what we keep. "Just because you can doesn't mean you should!" It doesn't always prove to be less expensive to recover a sofa, but if it's got good bones you should consider it. If not, giving it to charity would be nice alternative. Using sustainable or reclaimed products is a wonderful way to get something that is not only environmentally friendly, but can also serve as a very unique way to furnish your home or office.

My Inspirations: Lots of things and people inspire me, but mostly it's found in nature. I think very organically and look to find natural elements to trigger an emotional response. When I need a pick me up, I usually go outside, take a good look around, and instantly my mood changes. When assisting a client with their personal spaces I usually look to their views to help guide my interpretations. I love art so anything having to do with pottery, painting, sculpture, and photography provide inspiration for me. Appreciating the little things keeps me grounded. Adding fresh flowers from your garden is pure magic to me. I try to find that special touch for a space that takes and transports you somewhere. I want to reflect life through my design in some way. Such as a wonderful trip, an original piece of art, or a place in time that is distinctly unique to my clients.