About Envi By Design

"Envi"ronments by Design is a Full Service Interior Design Firm founded in 2004. We are centrally located in downtown Orlando. Envi's Designers are always original in their approach to designing interior spaces by never repeating the same design twice. From concept to reality, EBD is there to assist you in improving your space while maximizing your return on your investment. Our education and experience allows us the ability to reexamine historic, traditional styles while placing twists with modern design. We specialize in several diverse styles from Traditional to Modern, but most importantly we specialize in understanding what our clients need and want. Envi helps YOU find your style.

Envi has been "greening" Orlando and beyond through new construction, remodeling, and redesign. Our vast library of textiles, hard surfaces, furniture, art, and accessories are compiled of eco-chic products that expand daily so that we can give you a "Great Design with Green in Mind."

We are proud to serve the community whether it's volunteer work for non-profit organizations, mentoring new designers, or hosting art openings to support Orlando's local artists. We understand giving back, staying connected, and staying relative is what helps a community thrive and grow. We want to be a part of that growth, and make this company a permanent presence in the community for generations to come...